Hiring a Makeup Artist in Indiana

What things do must people look for in hiring a makeup artist or stylist? Convenience, cool portfolio, artistic, weddings, special occasion styles, glamorous, commercial, or high fashion looks.

All these things are fine but taking it a step further may save you time as well as keeping you the client healthy. It is your right to expect quality, professionalism, and experience.

What you may not know:

State Laws and Licenses for Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist.

There are simple steps to insuring you are getting what you pay for. Ask for a license or certification if the licensed is not visible.  By law beauty professionals are required to be licensed by most states. It is required to have them on hand for client viewing even on location outside salons. In most states it is required by law for makeup artist and hair stylist to be licensed under the State Cosmetology Board. This includes estheticians and nail technicians. You can check these laws under your state board of cosmetology government web sites. Provided below is a link to a list of all state requirements. Indiana and Kentucky do require license for beauty professionals.


Makeup artist will fall under esthetician or cosmetology license. Some states carry a certification only, such as, New York and California. Most other states require licensing. In contacting the Indiana State Board to confirm the requirements of a practicing makeup artist and stylist, this was the information given to me. This was in regards to makeup artist/stylist working in the photography and film areas of our industry as well as people working as makeup representatives.

   ” If there are Makeup Artist or Stylist practicing without a licensed they can be prosecuted by the Attorney General. This includes work in and outside a salon setting.”

The rest of the comment went on to tell me about reporting unlicensed individuals and were to do so. Also a link to state board laws. Of which you can find on your state web site.

MUA’s and Photographers: There has been some talk as of late if there are ways to get around not being licensed working with photographers. Truth is NO! There is no way to get around it. Claiming a makeup artist is a photo assistant isn’t going to fly with state board. Keep in mind that even if you are with a union for film and work in the photography area of the business you must follow the state cosmetology regulations where you live. If there is a state board you must go by their laws. If you live some place like California who does not require MUA’s to be licensed then you can travel to other states and be ok. Again it goes by the state you live.

License go as follows:

Personal License: Cosmetology, Nail Tech, Esthetics (makeup artist can fall under cosmo or esthetics)

Salon Business License: Cosmetology, Nail,  Esthetics

I recently called state board in regards to the salon business license we also have to hold. I am opening a photo studio where we will be preforming makeup and hair styling. They informed me by state law we must have the makeup area inspected and licensed following state esthetics code. We as beauty pros must have a personal license. The place of which we work must be licensed under another license. You can work freelance without a salon license. Salon license covers a physical business. But, you still must hold a cosmetology or ethetics license to work freelance. I know it is very repetitive.

Many Licensed Stylist travel to homes and outside the salon setting so the licensing requirements are the same for all beauty professionals. They also concluded that, “any beauty professional coming in direct contact with a clients skin or hair at any time must be properly licensed.” This includes standard client services, photo shoots, and runway events I also asked them about.

There are many issues to address. Chemistry, color theory, artistic eye, sanitation, disinfection, and knowledge of communicable disease. All that goes into makeup artistry and hair styling. It is far more complicated than most think. Not to mention the artistry you will receive will be far more advanced than a novice just playing beauty shop. Some professional makeup artist aka MUA’s will tell you they have taken art classes and color theory. This takes you far beyond just basic beauty school. MUA’s with knowledge of color and light can take your photos to a whole new level. This does help in the creative and technical aspect, it doesn’t take the place of professional training.

You wouldn’t want your doctor to not have proper training so why risk your beauty health. Freelancers, MaryK, department stores, and other retail sales persons are the most concerning to me. When dealing with a salon you would not typically find a unlicensed cosmetologist. Just because they sell or demo makeup does not mean some are licensed! These people are trained for retail. State required courses are far more advanced than what you would learn at the retail counter.

Coming in direct contact with a clients skin is a very important matter no to be taken lightly. Department stores do train employees product knowledge and standard application. This to sell a product. Not concerned with client health. Also, to save them money from hiring professionals. Sally’s and other supply stores employees are also not typically licensed stylist. At times you may find a few who are licensed. It is your right as a costumer to ask. Most are retail employees. No matter what training class they had to take to get the job at the department store, this is not a state required & OSHA regulated course. It is strictly for retail. State law requires a licensed stylist or esthetician to be trained in a professional college/beauty school with a state required limited hours and services before taking the test to be a beauty professional. The FDA does not require makeup to be tested, so this makes it even more important to seek a train professional. Due to the fact that many products found online are black/great market products. (See our article on salon diversion for more info.)

If the technician providing any beauty service to clients or models without a licenses, it is illegal! Why is is necessary for a stylist or makeup artist to be educated in product knowledge, safety, sanitation and disinfection? Simple. To keep the client healthy and safe.

File:Ringworm on the arm, or tinea corporis due to Trichophyton mentagrophytes PHIL 2938 lores.jpg

Dermatophytosis or ringworm

Why its important!
The risk of contracting a serious to minor complications range from ringworm, Hepatitis B, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis (rashes), contact dermatitis, allergic reaction, serious infections, skin and hair infestations (Lice,scabies), to name a few. Beauty professionals have been properly trained on preventing and detecting these things in order to keep clients safe and informed. Properly disinfecting implements/tools are just the minor steps to take to insure clients are kept healthy.

State law as well as OSHA require beauty professionals to be trained to prevent and protect their clients from any complication. This makes the technician on hand able to spot these issues prior to working on a client. They can then refer them to the best way to seek treatment. This preventing the spread of these issues.

Take the extra time to be informed.


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