The start of Fashioned by Christ.

Starting over on something that has been your carrier and passion for 14 years is not easy. For the past few years I have went through some very traumatic family and carrier changing experiences. It has been heart breaking and devastating to me and my husband. But, I believe we go through everything for a reason. We may not see the big picture for where God leads us.

Without going into detail, I can tell you, starting over again is going to be challenging. The growth of this blog will be a start of a new beginning. Combining my passion for fashion and beauty with my love for my Lord and Savior.  It will be a slow start but, I beleive this is what I am called to do.

My life and carrier has been for most of my life the fashion industry. I started creating clothing and doing makeover on friends when I was a child. I knew from early on what I wanted to be. I started out modeling at age 16 and was signed by an agency at 19 as a commercial model. I graduated beauty college and went on to own my own salon where I also worked for a major hair care company as a stage artist.  After a few years I started networking  as a makeup artist with designers, photographers, film, and publications. I owned a fashion organization on Louisville, KY and a modeling agency.  I picked up photography and for the past 3-4 years I have worked as a freelance image consultant. I have been lucky to have the opportunity to pretty much experience everything this industry has had to offer.

Over the past few years I lost my mother to Ovarian Cancer, had to close down two businesses,lost my home, and my husband lost his job. So only recently have I been able to regain my life back and bring back my passion.

Carrier wise I have been pushed back and down so many times it has drained some of my spirit. The thought of stepping away from being a photographer, fashion designer, cosmetologist and makeup artist had crossed my mind. I have struggled to gain my passion and drive back. Only recently have I wanted to venture back to looking at the pages of a fashion magazine. I feel like I have lost an old friend. Until I realized that God has been trying to get my attention. In a big way!

A few weeks back I sat in Green Street Baptist Church listening to our pastors sermon. For the first time in a while I felt God there with me.  Something I haven’t felt in while, due to the fact overwhelming depression had been consuming me. During the stress and loss I experienced a disconnect to what God has wanted me to do with my life. Endless prayer does not work when you are not open to what God is telling you. You have to be willing to receive it. I believe yesterday I finally had the right mindset to hear it. At times the answers we are looking for, are right in front of us.

A few years ago, soon after my mothers passing, the economy was at its worst. My husband was laid off from work, and I lost my fashion business.  We went from doing extremely well to nothing. It has slowly moved to the situation I find myself today. During the time I experienced all the loss I made God a promise. In starting Fashion by Christ I was going to use my work and my love for fashion to share Gods word. If he would just bring me out of all the loss. To have a normal life again.

My promise was to reach young people and be a role model to other people in the industry through Christ. I promised God this blog and to grow it to an organization for young girls. To grow it into something more than just words. I would take it into my business and put God in the forefront. But, in short time I let myself be caught up in the world, life and my carrier. I quickly gained my work back. Forgetting that promise. But, it soon feel apart again.

While sitting in the Church the words of my pastor drove back to me the promise I had made. So clearly that the words he spoke were almost the exact prayer I had asked of God. Sometimes when God speaks it is subtile. Sometimes it slaps us in the face. This was one of the “wake up and pay attention” days.

So in order to reclaim my love and gift for fashion and beauty that God has given me, I had to start over. So the rebirth of Fashioned by Christ into more than just a blog has begun. FBC shares my faith through my love of fashion and beauty. FBC will allow young girls and teens to create there own spot in the industry. By being themselves and showing that every girl is beautiful.

I look forward to showing you all what  all Fashioned by Christ has in store.

Fashioned by Christ – Loretta K


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