Vanity V’s Fashion

The biggest misconception working in the fashion and beauty industry is the general perception that is it all about vanity. From all forms of media, pretty and perfect is what we see. Beyond the gliz and the glam are people. real people with real lives. True some have vanity as a center point for the reason they love the industry. But, for most of it is the art of it.

To conform to this vanity models lowering there standards to make the cut, photographers push limits to get the next shock factor, agencies push girls to look a certain way. Sadly most of that is true. This is what the public sees. I see a different view. I see people with true talent and craftsmanship. the artistic side is hidden by a societies views of what we think we see in the media.behind it all are people who area creating and innovative.

I have received a lot of negative views from Christians about the fashion industry in general. Some have asked me why I work in this industry at all. So many people don’t see it as a place for Christians to be involved. But, why?

The word says in Exodus 35:35, “The Lord has given them special skills as engravers, designers, embroiderers in blue, purple, and scarlet thread of fine linen cloth, and weavers. They excel as craftsmen and as designers.”

I believe the Lord God plans for us to use our talents and our crafts to honor Him. No matter what we do. Skill, talent, or job we should work to honor and praise Him. Why do people look so negatively on the industry? I think Christians as a whole have a fear of being perceived as vain. So in order to avoid sinning against God we push out everything in the world that may be connected to it. I think God would want us to rise up for him, if what we are doing can be used to share his word. Even in an industry so riddled with idle imagery and debauchery there is also beauty that can be captured in a photo that God alone created and the gifts he has given.

I believe many things are how we, as a person, perceive the situations we are in. If you are seeking something with ill intent you can find something bad in anything.  Society does play a role in our views and our own choices.God gave us our talents and our right to make up our own minds.

The fine line between honoring Him in our talents and our own vanity is weighed on intent. Are we using it for our own self serving reasons, or to honor God. It is when we try too hard to stand out on our own, we loss his vision for us. When our appearance is strictly about the way others see us and a self-righteous view of ourself, that is were vanity takes a lead role.

Its not about vanity to encourage self esteem and a good personal image. We all like to look nice no matter who you are. It is not about vanity to be proud of your craft. Makeup artist, models, photographers, stylist, designers, or entertainers. God placed us in those roles for a reason. It is only how we use our talents that make the difference. A lady recently in my church spoke, in testimony, on that subject. She for years didn’t know that the statement “Cleanliness is close to Godliness: is not in the bible. The fact is dressing up for church is a way our society views how we should come before God. When we came to this earth with nothing.

The fact is fashion and beauty is part of the global society.  The Fashioned for Christ movement is to bring ministry to the industry as well as the public. With so many people interested in fashion on so many levels this is the perfect time to step up. To step out of the box and say as Christians we are here and we have a voice. Fashion effects everyone in every walk of life. Even if it doesn’t come from the Runway in New York. When Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves they created fashion. God honors our crafts. He honors or talents. If those talents are used to honor him. We can use the industry to serve Him in a new way. By using the gifts he bestows upon us and inviting Him into the work we do.


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