Move to the Music with DJ Josiah ‘fingaz’ Freebourne


Think Christian music is boring? Think again! From pop, rap, rock, country, house, to techno…get up and dance!  Christan music has evolved above the mainstream. Groups like Flyleaf and Skillet are just some of the bands who have broke the barriers. Does praise and worship sound not fill your need to dance and rock the night away? Well its time to get out of your seats and grab the glow sticks! Join the movement of Christian electronic dance music.

DJ Josiah ‘fingaz’ Freebourne is just the one to get you moving in faith and body. DJ Josiah says he uses “The Art of DJing” to inspire, challenge, and change lives. A combination of music, video, and art bring the message of Christ to the next generation his shows are electrifying.

One of the greatest thrills of Fashioned by Christ is not only speaking on fashion and faith. FBC is a platform to showcase all forms of new exciting Christian movements. As God leads his people into a new way of worship and praise, new ministries have been showing Christians that we can have a voice in every shape and form.  All types of artist are taking note.  The standard Sunday sermon is making way for a new generation. Churches have recognized the need to reach the younger generation and artist like DJ Josiah are blazing the way.  Get excited for Christ!

DJ Josiah ‘fingaz’ Freebourne is leading a path of his own. DJ Josiah has been involved in DJ culture since 1995 and has been actively DJing since 2003. He has played at clubs, coffee houses, skate demos, concerts, and music festivals. He has built a solid reputation for reaching and moving a crowd as he mixes and scratches to high energy Electronic Dance Music.

Josiah has rocked venues such as Ichthus Music Festival and Heavenfest. Playing with acts like Skillet, Fireflight., Casting Crowns, Devil Wears Prada, Painter/Performer Eric Timm,etc. His growing influence in the Christian Electronic Dance Music scene has set him up as one of the most sought after artist in this genre.

Visit him on facebook for videos, downloads, and book DJ Josiah for your event.



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