Beauty Tip of the Week – Oil Blotting Paper

ImageSave money on oil blotting facial paper. Perm wrap paper is much cheaper and does the same job. (1000 count for around $2 for end wraps. Oil blotting paper 150 count for $3 – $5)


Beauty Tip of the Week – Cheep Fashion DIY Odor Remover

ImageThis look familiar? Yep it’s a charcoal briquette.

My mom gave me this little tip years ago. Take an old pair of pantyhose and cut off the feet throw a few bricks in and tie up the end. Hang it onto a clothes hanger and hang in your closet to remove odor. You can also place a few broken pieces around your home, in shoes, and any area you need oder absorbed.

It not only absorbs odor. It also absorbs moister due to them being very porous.

NOTE: Do not use the quick start charcoal of course. The quick start fluid is flammable and can be harmful to children and animals.

FBC Anti-Bullying Workshop

We are working on plans for our first FBC workshop. This will be open to boys and girls 3rd – 12th grades. Parents are welcome to attend. The workshop is focused on the effects of bullying.

You can help! Volunteers and sponsors are needed. More details will be posted as they are available.