FBC Anti-Bullying Project Underway!

Click on the link to view our sponsorship package and be on your way to stop bullying in Scott County.

>>>  FBC Anti-Bullying Event2013



Fashioned By Christ Teen Sorority to Host Community Anti-Bullying Event in Scott County

 Event Open to Local Scott County Students and Parents

What:     Fashioned by Christ is hosting the FBC Anti-Bullying Project 2013 this fall/winter. (www.fashionedbychrist.com)

FBC Anti-Bullying Project 2013 brings the kids in our community together in taking a stand to stop bullying, and your sponsorship is needed to help support this event. We are reaching out to the community to make the event a reality. Kindergarten to high school kids and their parents will be welcome to attend. Local businesses and community leaders are asked to help by becoming a event sponsor and partner.

 Who:       FBC Sorority is working hard to create a powerful event that will bring awareness to this growing problem. The showcase will feature live music artists, DJ dance party, PSA announcements, public speaker, dance/art performance, local vendor booths, and more.

Volunteers are welcome and needed.

Where:         TBA

When:             Fall/Winter 2013

Statistics:    1 in 5 students admit to being a bully, or doing some “Bullying.” 86% said, “Other kids picking on them, making fun of them or bullying them” causes teenagers to turn to lethal violence in the schools. Everyday more than 120,000 children are afraid to go to school due to bullying.

RSVP:         Members of the media please contact Denise Nichols or Loretta Kendall with any questions or requests.

Denise: 812-820-6449

Loretta: 502-240-9229

Email: info@fashionedbychrist.com

 About FBC Anti-Bullying Project 2013

This year FBC is taking a stand on bullying with the FBC Anti-Bullying Project 2013. We are looking to reach out to the community and touch the lives of boys and girls who are struggling with the effects of bullying. These kids are the bullied and the bullies. Daily, in our schools, playgrounds, buses, and in the community, there are children who are victims of bullying. Join us to take a stand.

The FBC Anti-Bullying campaign is a movement for change. It’s about recognizing bullying for what it is: a choice. What you say or do to someone has the power to affect that person’s life. The campaign challenges people to stop, think, and remember that their choices matter. The campaign is powered by the need to incorporate the Anti-Bullying philosophy into their classrooms and assemblies, by first reaching our youth.



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